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Scotland’s Secret Bunker

Hidden beneath a Scottish Farmhouse, a tunnel leads to Scotland’s Secret Underground Nuclear Command Bunker.

Scotland’s best kept secret for over 40 years, Hidden beneath an innocent Scottish farmhouse, a tunnel leads to, Scotland’s Secret Bunker. 24,000 square feet of Secret accommodation. The size of two football pitches, one on top of another, On two levels 100 feet underground. Had there been a Nuclear War, this is where Scotland, would have been Governed, from within. Discover the twilight world of the Government Cold War.

Fife Flyers at Scotland's Secret Bunker from Scotland's Secret Bunker on Vimeo.

Address: Crown Buildings Troywood KY16 8QH

Website: www.secretbunker.co.uk

Facebook: facebook.com/secretbunker/

Twitter: twitter.com/Secretbunker