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Dynamic Earth Edinburgh

Dynamic Earth is a 5 star visitor attraction situated at the heart of Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site. It sits within an award winning and iconic tented structure at the foot of Salisbury Crags in the Holyrood area of the city.

Website: www.dynamicearth.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dynamicearthedinburgh

Twitter: twitter.com/ourdynamicearth

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dynamic_earth/

Opening in 1999, Dynamic Earth was the UK’s first Millennium Commission funded project to open to the public. Part funded by the Millennium Commission Dynamic Earth tells the story of planet Earth and how our Earth works, how life has evolved on its differing environments and the future challenges faced by planet Earth. It was built as a celebration of the life of James Hutton, the father of Modern Geology who studied and worked in this area of Edinburgh throughout the enlightenment period.

Importantly Dynamic Earth was the catalyst for the economic regeneration of the Holyrood area and is situated on the grounds of an old brewery bottling plant.

It is operated by Dynamic Earth Enterprises Ltd., the commercial wing of Dynamic Earth Charitable Trust. Operating on a not for profit basis Dynamic Earth has welcomed over 4 million visitors since opening.